Agents get sales, time edge as contracts go digital

House prices are surging in Western Australia with new builds booming and rentals becoming as rare as an undeveloped triplex block in Dalkeith.

In this turbocharged market, offers are being made through multiple communications channels – texts, emails, phone calls, web queries and more.

On top of this high demand, real estate agents also need to be able to respond at all hours of the day with interstate and even international buyers in the mix.

Keeping up with this turbocharged property market is challenging, especially if you’re still using traditional methods like paper-based forms to generate leads and close sales.

Go digital or miss out

To help real estate agents get a competitive edge, REIWA has teamed up with Real Estate Sales Online (RESO) – an online offer, acceptance and contract management system allowing agents and buyers to communicate online.

Through this partnership, any property displayed on REIWA’s listings portal now has a ‘RESO’ button which enables buyers to register their interest or make an offer at the click of a button.

And real estate agents who embrace RESO’s digital contract management system will gain a significant boost in WA’s fast-paced market, where multiple buyers are often chasing the same property.

Here are the five deal maker reasons WA real estate agents will want RESO in their pocket:

1. RESO reduces paperwork 

All offers and expressions of interest made through RESO are digital, so they are instantly accessible on one easy to use platform.

This means no more printing off multiple copies of forms and hunting down physical signatures, because everything is done digitally through one streamlined service.

2. RESO qualifies buyers quicker

RESO is optimised to allow prospective buyers to register their interest in a property through a seamless digital interface, uploading all relevant details in one place.

Then when the time comes to make an offer, the interested parties can submit their financial details securely and lightning-fast, allowing them to be qualified quicker than the outdated paperwork-driven method.

3. Create instant contracts with RESO

RESO is a digital management system that can generate tailored contracts on the go for individual deals and buyers.

At the touch of a button, you can create a contract from an interested buyer, secure the offer and submit it to the owner, quick as a flash.

4. Boost your listing leads with RESO 

It might be a busy time in the game right now, but this won’t last forever. Think about when the boom ends, you could be scratching around trying to find listings.

Fear not! We’ve listened and we have the solution. Inside the RESO app you’ll find an inbuilt lead generation function.

Get an alert as soon as one of your invited buyers requests an appraisal for their own property or a desktop valuation.

How good is that? It’s like having your own mini sales rep who works exclusively for you.

5. RESO saves you time, stress and money  

The sales process for real estate can drag on, especially when there’s paperwork to be filled out and driven across town for signatures and reviews.

Times this by 20 offers on the one property and you’ve got a massive headache.

But with RESO, everything is done at the touch of a button, reducing the sales process by an average of nine hours.

Forget the stress, not to mention the boredom of waiting at the printer. 

Rest easy knowing that RESO’s digital contract management system removes the heavy lifting, meaning more time selling properties and less time stressing.

Use RESO today

As WA’s real estate market continues to heat up, having RESO at your disposal will give you a competitive edge and free up more time to meet the market’s demands.

To see how RESO can help you, visit the platform’s dedicated Agents Page and deep dive on how it can save you time and help you make money.

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