RESO allows you to streamline your workflow, negotiate on the go, and reduce endless hours of admin and paperwork.

A simple platform for complex property transactions.

The modern property market comes with modern challenges. Agents deal with high volumes of enquiries, complex processes and endless hours of admin and paperwork.

RESO takes care of the complex, keeping transactions transparent and streamlined. With RESO in your corner, you can focus on customer relationships and doing what you do best.

AGENT Benefits

Save Time and Stress

RESO reduces the sales management process by an average of 9 hours.

Qualify Buyers Quicker

Buyers can easily register their interest, make an offer, and submit their terms and conditions (if applicable) on one seamless and secure digital platform.

Sell Properties Faster

Don’t let property sales drag on. RESO is a 24/7 online platform that enables speedy communication and instant updates between buyers and agents.

Communicate Anytime, Anywhere

Forget time constraints and time zone differences – communicate with and manage multiple buyers across the globe on one central platform.

View All Offers On One Screen

Simplify negotiations with a quick view of all offers on one screen, mobile or desktop.

Create Instant Contracts

At the touch of a button, agents can create tailored buyer contracts, secure an offer and submit it to the seller using REI Forms Live.

Make Paperless Real Estate Transactions

Managing the sales process manually can be unnecessarily complicated. Transactions with RESO are completely digital, giving much needed flexibility to buyers, sellers, and agents alike.

Increase Competitive Tension

REBid is an optional feature that allows buyers to see where their offer is ranked, fostering a transparent process that buyers appreciate.

Collect Buyer Data

RESO keeps pre-qualified buyer information stored on the system which facilitates instant lead generation for busy agents.

Discover the tech that’s changing the game for real estate agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Agent FAQs

No, RESO is simply a tool that has been designed to be used by Real Estate Agents in Australia to save time, boost sales and streamline processes.

RESO is suitable for all types of sales: private treaties, pre and/or post auction and best-offer buy.

RESO is an every day real estate software for single or multiple offers. For those sales where there are multiple offers and the agent wants to use the ranking process to generate competition between buyers, they would then activate REBid Ranking.

Simply agree to RESO’s terms and conditions in the Terms of Use agreement. There is no upfront charge for this. The terms and conditions are simple and straightforward, and include compliance with real estate and privacy laws, and any applicable real estate best practice codes of conduct.

It is free to register any of your properties on RESO and invite buyers into the sale.

Pricing starts from $99.00 (inc GST) per property, once you progress the sale past registration.

Most agents choose to collect this fee as part of VPA.

No. RESO is free of charge for potential buyers.

There are a number of reasons why buyers can have confidence in the integrity of the RESO sale process:

• RESO is not an open or searchable platform, so the only people who can participate in a RESO sale are those who have been invited to register for that property by the agent. • All buyers must agree to the terms and conditions in RESO’s Terms of Use – including that they are a natural person, they are not the seller or acting for the seller, and that they are acting in good faith.

• All buyers provide their names, mobile numbers and email addresses when they register, so their identities can be verified. Further, before they can submit a Best Offer, they must provide the full name(s) and address for the contract of sale, which is a legal document.

• The only buyers who can submit an offer in RESO are those who have been qualified by the real estate agent, which means that their contract conditions are acceptable to the vendor.

• The RESO platform records the entire process, including every buyer and every offer, so it is independently auditable in the event of a complaint.

• Real estate agents are bound by the law and by Real Estate Institutes’ codes of conduct, to prevent any illegal or unethical conduct.