The stress free, transparent and reliable way to buy real estate.

Purchase property on a streamlined platform that guides you, every step of the way.

Buying real estate is a huge undertaking – it’s not uncommon to feel stressed and unsure along the way.

RESO changes that by simplifying the process and giving you a fair and equal chance to purchase your chosen property. RESO is easy to use and works flexibly around your life and work commitments.

BUYER Benefits

24/7 Access

View and download all property information and documents when it suits you.

Easy Communication

Manage all agent communication via one convenient platform.

Instant Updates

Stay on top of the sales process by receiving immediate notification of any agent communications via SMS or email.


Submit an offer at a time that’s convenient for you – from the comfort of your own home, on holidays, anywhere. RESO fits in with your busy lifestyle.


Understand exactly where your offer sits amongst multiple buyers when your agent uses the optional REBid ranking tool.

Digital Contracts

Offer accepted? Read and sign contracts digitally on a safe and secure platform using REI Forms Live.

Save time and find out which agents are using RESO in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions


No. RESO is free of charge for potential buyers.

There are a number of reasons why buyers can have confidence in the integrity of the RESO sale process:

• RESO is not an open or searchable platform, so the only people who can participate in a RESO sale are those who have been invited to register for that property by the agent.

• All buyers must agree to the terms and conditions in RESO’s Terms of Use – including that they are a natural person, they are not the seller or acting for the seller, and that they are acting in good faith.

• All buyers provide their names, mobile numbers and email addresses when they register, so their identities can be verified. Further, before they can submit a Best Offer, they must provide the full name(s) and address for the contract of sale, which is a legal document.

• The only buyers who can submit an offer in RESO are those who have been qualified by the real estate agent, which means that their contract conditions are acceptable to the vendor.

• The RESO platform records the entire process, including every buyer and every offer, so it is independently auditable in the event of a complaint.

• Real estate agents are bound by the law and by Real Estate Institutes’ codes of conduct, to prevent any illegal or unethical conduct.