Need more Listings? How Real Estate Agents Should Apply Digital Marketing Psychology

Real estate agents should apply digital marketing psychology to get more listings

Digital Advertising, Inbound and Content Marketing all make up the stages of what’s known in the digital marketing industry as the Buyer Journey. For agents, the BUYER in this journey is actually the property vendor – the vendor is buying your services to sell their home.  

What do agents need to know:

  • Timeline for this decision-making process: that way you know how to plan your sales pipeline  
  • The vendor’s demographic: Age, gender, location, financials, career, lifestyle, etc.
  • Their preferred sales style: what they prioritise, how they like to be treated (fast and simple, or nurturing and hand holding). Do you go the extra mile and take them to lunch to discuss their problems or do you email them a sales agency agreement? 

What stage are they at in selling?


TOP OF SALES FUNNEL: I have to downsize, I have to upsize, I need to relocate, it’s a good time to sell that investment unit.   What problem has arisen that makes the vendor need to sell? What questions do they have and how can you answer those questions and reach them EARLY in their decision-making process? 

  • Provide informative blogs and 101 style information for prospective sellers on your website and on social media.
  • Give actionable tips on how to prep for their sale that are both specific to your area and the vendor’s needs.
  • Give advice for free at local organisations including chamber of commerce, etc.
  • Allow locals to obtain free reports from your agency
  • Provide VALUE in your marketing. Help them.


MID SALES FUNNEL: I know I need to sell and the first step is finding an agent. I have educated myself on the processes involved, now I need to consider all my options. What makes a good agent? Which agent is right for my kind of home? Do I want maximum sales price or do I have another priority that I need to consider when selling (fast, easy, remotely located property)?  The following methods are useful for vendors at this point of their journey. 

  • eBooks, White Papers, tools and case studies (capturing their details as they download).
  • Free downloadable local data.
  • Specific blogs that address advanced problems of vendors – these tend to attract smaller audiences than the above but have a higher conversion rate.
  • Retargeted ads after they’ve visited your website. 


BOTTOM OF SALES FUNNEL: I know what I’m looking for and now I need to choose the person to take with me through this process. I have a short list of agents based on the information I’ve learned in the previous steps. What sets them apart and which should I choose? I want to be convinced I’m choosing the right one. 

This is where you have the opportunity to really sit down and discuss your benefits with the potential seller. 

  • Make them an offer they can’t refuse! Show them how you’re not only different but know their needs and are the only one who can meet those needs.
  • Show them something “different” to the same pitch they’ve had from your direct competitors. This is where RESO meets the needs of ALL the vendors above. 
  • Need it fast? RESO allows purchasers to submit offers at any time of the day and be provided to the vendor immediately for consideration. 
  • Need it simple? RESO’s online platform is so easy to use, no need to install an app. 
  • Selling from another location? RESO can invite potential buyers to a sale and provide all the necessary documents remotely.
  • Want the maximum sales price? RESO’s ranking feature maximises competition between buyers and drives them to offer to the very maximum they are willing to pay.
  • The efficient multiple offer process means that there are no ”missed” offers. Every potential buyer gets to put their best offer forward for consideration by the vendor in a transparent manner.  
  • Offers submitted by purchasers in RESO are binding and the contract can be issued and signed immediately online – the final step in the conversion process that is OH SO IMPORTANT. RESO’s offer process is fast, streamlined and binding. 

Close the deal and capitalise on your investment in digital advertising for real estate agents

So your investment in digital advertising worked and you have the vendor interested? Be sure you have the goods to back it up and keep them hooked.    No need to put together case study portfolios that quickly date.  Your best case study is the real time evidence of your recent sales history.  Clinch the deal with a demonstration of the RESO offer process driving the price up on a current sale. And with RESO’s seamless integration with most real estate CRMs, registered successful and unsuccessful buyers walk away impressed with a transparent and streamlined offer and contract process – and are a readily available source of further potential property listers. 

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