Digital Marketing For Real Estate Agents Has Evolved

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Move Over Retargeting – Digital Marketing For Real Estate Agents Has Evolved

Digital marketing for real estate agents has come a long way in the past decade. It used to be all about newspaper advertisements. Who could get the most ads in the Courier Mail’s Prime Site or the Australian Financial Review? Today, it’s more focused on online platforms like social media and the well-known real estate websites. And while these are all highly effective in getting the attention of potential buyers for properties, they’re not doing enough to attract the attention of potential sellers. As an agent, what you want is to find both – buyers who are also sellers, right? That gives you the candle burning at both ends and a win-win for you and the client.  There’s a large number of people who are looking to buy a home, while at the same time selling the property they currently own. But how do you hit that target market and get leads? 

A Simple To Use Platform For Buy Sell

That’s where RESO comes in. Agents around Australia are raving about the RESO private treaty sales platform and how it’s helping their careers. Still, it’s essentially all down to the vendors and purchasers who are enjoying the seamless online process. Here’s how it works:  The idea of RESO is to give buyers confidence in making offers, providing an easier process all round and giving them quality opportunities to secure the property they’re interested in.   

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Buyers can view and download property-related documents at any time to help make their decision about a property, and they have real time access to the entire process to keep track of other offers coming in, and to see whether they’re on track for success. They also receive immediate SMS and email notifications regarding communication with agents selling the properties. Sellers can do the same, which keeps them in the loop about their property sale throughout the entire process – without having to chase down agents every hour. The system allows agents to rank offers placed on the property. Then, for those buyers who are unsuccessful in the first round, it even gives guidance on submitting their best and final offers, the market in general, and how to be more prepared when they put an offer on their next property.  RESO is free to register with fees applying once the property is passed through the registration of buyers. 

See how RESO Ranking works HERE 


Generating More Leads For Agents 

While the online platform provides plenty of obvious benefits for vendors and buyers, it’s the agents who can streamline their work processes like never before.   As an agent, you know how hard it can be to get leads for people selling properties. The days of doorknocking are over thanks to COVID, cold calling is generally frowned upon, and social media and real estate websites are great for targeting buyers but miss the boat when it comes to vendors. Vendor-targeted marketing is expensive, and let’s face it – it will rarely get you customers. You’ll be washing thousands of dollars down the drain.  That’s where RESO is different, offering you a platform for digital marketing for real estate agents – with a difference. In fact, we’ve had reports from our registered agents that sales leads are FLOODING in, even though they’ve had no direct contact with any sellers. Why? Not only is it straightforward and simple to use, but vendors and purchasers are loving how detailed it is – and of course, how successful it is in selling.  Essentially, when someone is buying a property, it often means they’re selling as well – but it’s hard to get access to that sort of information, until now. 

More Clients, More Sales

As everything on RESO is saved online, it gives agents access to a full list of buyers who have put in an offer on a property. And that list is a great place to start when you’re targeting sellers and chasing properties to add to your sales portfolio. It gives you easy access to the details of buyers for properties you’re selling, including email addresses and phone numbers, so you can give them a quick follow up to see if they are also selling their property.   That’s not all though. Hundreds of property buyers have had a great experience using RESO – they’re impressed. And when buyers are impressed with a method of sale, they’re more likely to use it when they want to put their own property on the market. Happy customers with RESO means you’ll save hours of time and thousands of dollars on marketing for potential vendors. They’re all right in front of you. You just have to get on board.  Effective digital marketing for real estate agents is about standing out, being different, and offering your clients something other agents don’t have. For you, that could be RESO. If you want to find out more about RESO for agents, head to our AGENTS page. It’s a game-changer! 

Don’t wait for clients to come to you. Sign up with RESO today and start targeting your marketing to the right people!