Get Listed Today if you Want to Sell in the Seller’s Market

Want to Sell in the Seller’s Property Market? Get Listed Today!

It’s not often that all the stars align, especially in the real estate game, but now is that time. Yes, now is the most opportune time to sell your property. It’s a seller’s market and with COVID restrictions easing and life starting to return to normal, buyers are out in abundance cashing in on low mortgage rates and pushing prices up to record levels. Take advantage of this buying spree and sell. Not sure where to start? These key steps will help you get your property listed today in the seller’s property market. 

1. Get a property valuation

As simple as this may sound, some homeowners fail to seek professional advice on what their home is actually worth. Now we all know that the actual selling price on the day is dependent on many elements including the demand for your style of home, its condition, and of course location, but don’t jump in without knowing its worth.  Source a few valuations and don’t forget you can also do your own research looking at the value of other similar properties in your area. If your agent is using RESO, they will be able to easily show you the competition and the prices other homes in your area are achieving. 

Seller's Property Market

2. Ensure your home stands out

COVID has certainly changed the landscape of buying and selling properties. With online inspections and auctions now a new norm, it’s become far easier for buyers to get access to a wide range of available properties from the comfort of their device. That’s why it’s even more important than ever to make sure your property stands out from the rest.   From the simplest task of decluttering to a quick spruce up of the garden, a pop of colour, and a little bit of styling; we all know first impressions last. If you are unable to attract people to physically inspect your home allowing them the opportunity to indulge in the feeling of the space on offer, the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the warmth that the afternoon sun brings as it shines through your living room, look to make your home as inviting as possible. 

3. Choose the right local agent

This can be a tricky one, especially with so many agents vying for your business. However, this is where RESO can really take the pressure off and put you in control right from the start. RESO can put you in contact with registered agents in your local area and you’ll then be able to make a quality informed decision as to who gets to manage your property. With RESO, your agent will be able to easily show you their recent sales history, the prices they are achieving in your area, and the level of competition they can generate for the sale of your property. 

With RESO being Australia’s newest offer management platform for online sales, you can be comfortable knowing that your chosen agent can reach potential buyers fast, negotiate with ease, and communicate with you instantly, without any party even being in the same room.  

Get Listed Today

4. Be seen FAST!

Once all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, there is no time to waste. It’s important to be seen online and fast. With even more Australians turning to the Internet, advertising online is going to be your best bet. Using RESO, your agent can tap into a huge market of buyers immediately, ensure all the key information and documentation about your property is available at their fingertips, facilitate an easy and efficient method for buyers to submit their offers, and ensure that the end-to-end process for you as a seller is seamless.  

Timing is everything, and this adage also applies to the sale of your property. Tap into the best local agent, promote your home to the widest market of potential buyers, and take advantage of being part of the seller’s marker.    Get listed today using RESO, the online platform providing a tailored service for buyers, sellers and agents.