Innovative Real Estate Marketing Ideas that ACTUALLY Get Listings

Innovative Real Estate Marketing Ideas that ACTUALLY Get Listings

In 2022, it is time to think about innovative real estate marketing ideas that get listings.  You can spend up big getting “personalised” letters dropped in every letterbox in your target neighbourhood, or your face on the back of a bus, hoping that the scattershot approach hooks a few leads. But do they really make an impact? Well, it certainly isn’t innovative and while these methods may have their uses, they are probably not as good a return on investment as you would like. Letters are just as likely to go straight in the recycling bin on the way to the front door and commuters are busy concentrating on the road rather than advertising signage. It is time for the real estate industry to embrace the digital age and start leveraging the tools available to them. 

Real Estate marketing ideas to get listings in the digital age

  1. Your Website: For many, the first port of call when looking for a new agent will be the internet.  Make sure your site showcases your value.  Your site needs to tell your potential sellers exactly what you can do for them if they list with you.  Invest in SEO to increase your visibility.
  2. Online Re-Targeting: Ads that will drop sellers at a landing page about selling in your area then will “follow them around” the internet.  This can be expensive and unless you have paid a fortune for ads crafted by a specialist, they can end up a bit “creepy” and alienate the very people you are trying to attract. 
  3. Social Media Outreach: Facebook Local Group Marketing can be a great source of lead generation.  Engage a specialist to monitor Facebook group discussions and build your profile as a fun and friendly member of your community – then build below the line relationships with home owners in the hope that when they do sell, they do it with you as a trusted member of their community.  This can be time consuming but rewarding.  However, if you don’t do it JUST RIGHT, you will soon find yourself as the least popular agent in your area. 
  4. Real Estate App Development: Develop, market and advertise an app that is uniquely yours and answers all your needs.  However good it sounds, you will spend tens of thousands of dollars on developing, tens of thousands on marketing to locals to get them to download it, and then tens of thousands more on reminding them to open it.  If you do not already have a well-established brand and if the app doesn’t offer something incredible and unique that isn’t on the portal sites already, then it is wasted money. 
  5. Live Chat: Not everyone wants to pick up a phone or fill in an online form that inevitably leads to a phone call.  They don’t want the “big sell.”  They want information. And the ability to engage in a quick live chat and have their questions answered instantly can be very appealing.
  6. Online Video: With Australians spending nearly 40% of their day online, polished and professional video footage on your website that speaks to your audience is a great way to keep people on your pages.  Over 85% of marketers reported positive ROI on video marketing in 2021.  Done well, it can be worth the investment in business video production services. 
  7. Invest in USEFUL online tools and platforms or better leverage your existing ones: There are loads of online tools marketed specifically for real estate agents.  Some, like RESO, even make life easier for real estate agents. Others are poorly integrated with existing software and seem to generate ever more work.  Make sure you do your homework before you commit.

Don’t be tempted to generate leads with “discounted fees.”  This way leads to low value property leads, it cheapens the industry, and the types of agencies that rely solely on this tactic often fail to thrive in the market over time. The talent required to get the very best price for a property and charging bottom dollar for the service rarely go hand in hand and most consumers know it.   

Lead generation v listings

Nearly all real estate marketing ideas will generate a certain volume of leads – whether using the traditional tried and true methods or plunging into the digital age with both feet with large investments in multiple different technology platforms, CRMs and their add-ons, active pipes and proposal systems.  However, generating leads is not the same as creating listings.  Converting leads into actual listings in the shortest possible time is the biggest hurdle.   If you target the right audience with the right information, you are far more likely to see results.  And the best information you can provide to potential sellers is proof of your recent sales record. Innovative Real Estate Marketing Ideas - RESO Sales History

RESO can help you to capitalise on your sales results

It is a very powerful sales tool for real agents to be able to show a potential listing client their track record on getting the very best price for their vendors – and how they did it.  The value of having that information available on hand and in real time cannot be understated. RESO answers these needs and more.  As a real estate agent, once you start making sales with RESO, you will have access to a documented story of your premium sales results.  Every great sale is a deal closer in your pocket.  Simply having your phone on hand when you’re going into the living room gives you the ability to show home owners how your selling techniques work – and how you landed premium results for vendors.  You can show potential sellers how RESO’s unique ranking feature drives buyers to pay the very best price and help those potential listings envisage just how they can sell their property without all the stress – with offers received and acted on in real time.  The transparency and flexibility that RESO offers ensures that even the buyers who miss out on a property using RESO walk away with a positive experience – having been given a legitimate opportunity to submit a revised offer, certain in the knowledge that their offer was treated fairly and that their final offer was as high as they were willing to go.  Real estate agents know that future listings will often come from previous buyers that were happy with their purchase.  But what about the ones that missed out?  With RESO, all potential buyers are a resource for future listings to be tapped by savvy real estate agents.  As an agent using RESO, not only are you storing the vendor’s details efficiently for your farm of future sales but also the information ALL buyers provide as they register their interest in properties.  RESO’s integration with most CRMs and REI Forms Live reduces time spent on the administration of sales and on marketing.  Delivering a streamlined sales process including document management, efficient multiple offer functionality and contract submission, and with information entered by the buying and selling parties readily available for use with your current CRMs, RESO gives you the capacity to generate and convert lucrative leads for premium listings. RESO is affordable and simple for agents, vendors and purchasers.  RESO helps real estate agents generate better sales and happier buyers.   It is the future of innovative real estate marketing and admin. 

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